Top 10 things to do in Marrakesh


I recently got asked by a friend to recommend my top 10 things to do when in Marrakesh, so here goes…

  1. Get lost the souks, this will take half a day to a day depending on how much you want to shop. We found some great leather, silver products, material & spices and haggling is in order. I only wish I had bought more shoes, it’s the softest leather ever!
  2. Take a break from exploring the souks and go for lunch at Le Jardin in the Medina’s Café des Epices area.
  3. Late afternoon drinks on the roof terrace at Nomad is a must, enjoy the view and listen to the call to prayer. On your way out visit the great gift shop,  Chabi Chic.
  4. Visit the Medina at night and eat from the street markets, the Medina comes alive so make sure you are there around sunset 6:30 pm.
  5. For some time away from the craziness of the city visit Yves Saint Laurent’s Jardin Majorelle, it is truly beautiful and there are some great artisan upmarket shops in the area.
  6. The food is amazing and not too spicy but flavourful, so try as much as possible, our favourite was Cumin instead of pepper.
  7. There are some great restaurants in the new city like Buddha bar, worth visiting to experience modern Marrakesh.
  8. A traditional way to relax is to visit a Hamman, a Morrocan Spa where they practise a deep/ stretching massage using Argan oil, here are some to of the best luxury Hammams to consider.
  9. You might want to save up for this but a visit to Dar Moha is a treat, with enough food to feed a small village you will taste every single flavour Morroco has to offer in just one meal.
  10. For a real treat go for mint tea or a cocktail at Le Bar Churchhill at Ma Mounia, apparently the best in town.

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