Ok, so it has lasted exactly 6 weeks for me to start getting ants in my working pants. I know there are some of you chuckling now, slowly spelling out “I told you so”.

So here is my dilemma… What to do?

Off course I want to use my experience in Digital marketing to my advantage but I also want to have the freedom of working on my own terms.

I want to apply my creativity to things other than just making money for other people, I want to bring along change, I want to try something new even learn a new skill.

I suppose that is a “nice” problem to have when you don’t have to chase the money.

So there in the market, which market I’m not sure, but I’m putting it out there, hoping for an opportunity to knock on my door.



4 thoughts on “Opportunity

  1. Tracy

    Hey ! I feel the same back here at home! I also have ants in my pants and looking for oppurtunities…..mmmmmm……

  2. Mmmm the creative juices are flowing then…..always good to keep an active mind!!! Hope all going well up there in Bonny Scotland! Love Tina xx

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