Ain’t it funny

So here I’m sitting in a  coffee shop after having dropped the kids off for their 1st school visit and I realize I was more nervous them, I feel completely silly as I’ve done this many times, dropped off kids at their 1st playgroup, their 1st play date, their 1 st day off school and even their 1st sleepover…

This makes me realize life has a funny way of never letting you get ahead of yourself, just when you think you have it all figured out, you’re the king of the castle it turns out it’s your turn to be the dirty rascal 😉

So I have another sip of my cappuccino and breath…





3 thoughts on “Ain’t it funny

  1. Rochelle

    The one thing no one ever tells you about having children is how brave you have to be. You’re prepared for the late nights, the nappies etc, but not for the way you have to steel your heart to all that life is going to bring them.

  2. Scrappr

    how exciting and how nerve wrecking at the same time. Time for you now…how strange that must feel 🙂 Enjoy the quality time on your own, hun and fill us in on all the school news

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