10 Rules to life by in Glasgow

Ok, it’s been 3 weeks since we arrived in Glasgow and herewith my list of rules to life by ( so far ).

1. When it’s sunny outside, don’t think it won’t rain

2. An umbrella in your car is not as good as an umbrella in your bag

3. When the sun shines, get out, even if it’s for a 10 min

4. Second or vintage shops are code for awesome affordable clothes

5. Small & narrow side streets normally take you to awesome vintage shops

6. Scandinavian 60’s vintage furniture is better than fake reproductions

7. Be kind & courteous to old people, there are a lot of them here

8. Who needs store bought flowers when your kids can pick you Daffodils in the park

9. Speak to people in the park, you might like them and become friends

10. Exploring is so much better than sitting at home.


2 thoughts on “10 Rules to life by in Glasgow

  1. Scrappr

    sounds amazing and in true Lieze style…you’ve already got it all worked out. Cant wait to check out all the Vintage shops. xxx

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