City vs Village

Ok so we have been in Glasgow for two weeks now, all unpacked and ready to rock.

We even did some exploring over the weekend both in the city and in the countryside.

The main question that hovers in our minds now is which one do we choose for settling down.

The city is vibrant, international and of course, close to all the amazing shops the UK has to offer, you are walking distance to your closest gym, library and pub (maybe not in that order).

It’s also edgy and sometimes hard, everyone has their own stories and lives and is not always tuned in the stranger next to them. Non the less it is equal to any international city be it NYC or the Mother City.


On the other side, we found some amazing villages…

Full of character, quaintness and farmer markets. They have on average 5 shops, the butcher, the baker, etc… but no major retailers. Here everyone knows your name and heaven forbid your scandals.

The grass here is really greener on the other side as it border’s on a sheep farm or a golf course.


So this leaves us with an interesting question city or village life, which one is the best for us and our kids.

The adventure continues…


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